We have developed comfortable and enjoyable card for our Kebabs Fix costumers, we call it Kebabs Fix friendly card. For this friendly card we set up rules of usage that will provide successful cooperation. This card gives many shopping opportunities for our clients.


1. General terms:


1.1. Ltd. Kebabs Fix – after written as Kebabs Fix, issues Kebabs Fix friendly card which gives opportunities for our customers to buy discounted goods.


1.2. Friendly client card gives discount to expenses in all Kebabs Fix restaurants in Latvia.


1.3. This card is not an instrument of payment.  You can only get a discount if you show your card to our staff when you are making a purchase. The discount will be calculated by collected points in the card.


1.4. Kebabs Fix has the right to determine and/ or change products, which are taxed with a special discount for friendly card users.


1.5. Friendly card must be used only by the owner. In case, the card is used by another person, the staff is obligated to retain the card. If the staff has any doubts about cards user identification, they can ask client to show document of identification.


1.6. To prevent damage of the card, it must be protected from high temperature, mechanical damage, and strong magnetic fields (such as mobile phone). In the event of damage, the card will be useable again after its renewal.


1.7. Kebabs Fix friendly card has no expiration date. Card is valid until one of the parties decides to stop loyalty program.


1.8. The friendly card is blocked at the costumer’s request, presenting an identity document (passport or driver’s license), without any compensation of the cumulative points and card’s fee of  €3,00.


2. Friendly card obtaining rules:


2.1. Friendly card can be bought at all Kebabs Fix restaurants.


2.2. Kebabs Fix friendly card’s price is €3,00, including VAT.


2.3. When purchasing a friendly card fill out the attached form completely and give it to the Kebabs Fix employee.


2.4. If forms fields are incomplete or incorrect, Kebabs Fix has the right not to issue a friendly card or block it, until the fields are completed correctly and completely.


2.5. The data submitted for the friendly card, it’s protected according to the Personal Data Protection Law and other laws, and are prepared to issue a friendly card. This data is analyzed and summarized specifically for this card, send to holders of friendly card by e-mail or text message, as well as to be used to specify friendly cards user’s needs and specific offers.


2.6. Kebabs Fix will process the data provided in the form for its intended use. Kebabs Fix discloses the data to third parties, except when disclosure required or permitted under law.


3. Kebabs Fix friendly card point system:


3.1. When the friendly card is issued it gives 10% discount of the purchase (this does not apply to special offers) and 0.00 points are accumulated.


3.2. Discount rate can be increased up to 25% of spending a certain amount of money in Kebabs Fix restaurants. The friendly card holders can achieve four levels of discounts:


·         If a purchase exceeds € 700, discount will be 15% from the amount of purchase.

·         If a purchase exceeds € 1500, discount will be 20% from the amount of purchase.

·         If a purchase exceeds € 2200, discount will be 23% from the amount of purchase.

·         If a purchase exceeds € 3000, discount will be 25% from the amount of purchase.


3.3. With accumulated friendly card points is not possible to pay bills.


4. Other rules:


4.1. If client card is lost or stolen, the card holder is responsible to notify the Kebabs Fix representatives via e-mail: valerija.titajeva@kebabs.lv.


4.2. Kebabs Fix is not responsible for damages and/ or costs which may arise to costumers by closing a friendly card.


4.3. The friendly card with damages is not valid. In case if the card is not working and/or shows visual defects it does not requires to repay fee for issuing the new card.


4.4. For new card purchase, in case previous one is lost/ stolen/ damaged, it is possible to costumer purchase a new card and transfers the accumulated points from the old friendly card to the new one.